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Life is about relationships.
Relationships can be one of the h
ardest things in life and, at the same time, one of the most rewarding!


There are many types of relationships: with friends, co-workers, family members, or romantic partners. 


There are "core issues" that come from those relationships.

Those core issues usually come from the past and are something that we have not resolved yet, and they keep manifesting into our present experience.
In other words: the situation change, the people change, but the emotion that we feel and the situation that show up are very similar or the same!


Maybe you are in a romantic relationship and realize that you have the same issue with your previous partner.
Maybe even though you change jobs, you keep having a boss or a co-worker who treats you the same way.


Relationship counseling can help improve the way you relate to those around you and allow you to break free from old patterns of behavior.
If you are ready
to look into it, we can do it together.


Who has never felt overwhelmed by emotion?
Have you ever felt unable to deal with the emotions in yourself?


Maybe you feel overwhelmed, and you engage in an activity to stop feeling it. 
Maybe you express it out loud, and you end up regretting it.
Maybe you would like to express it, but you are afraid to do so.


Anger can be an example: you might fear expressing it or express it in a dysfunctional way.
Maybe, you feel a deep sadness that is too painful, and instead of allowing yourself to feel it, you do an harmful activity to num yourself.


Emotions are not good or bad! 
Good and bad are the label we put on it!


The way how we react when we feel that emotion can be healthy or unhealthy.

Usually, an emotion has intelligence that carries a message!

Together, we can explore those emotions and develop a different relationship with them; this can help you not be controlled by that emotion and understand its message.

This type of understanding can change the quality of your interpersonal relationship, the relationship with yourself, and you become more in control of your life.


Life is full of change and transition

These transitions can be wanted or unwanted; either way, they can carry many emotional charges and self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from making the right choice and seeing things clearly.

It could be the desire to get a new job.
It could be the end of a long relationship and the beginning of a new life.


Despite the excitement for the news, emotion and belief might come up.

The sadness for the past that we are leaving behind.
The fears for the unknown that will come.
The belief that we are not going to make it.


The way how we cope with these changes can impact how we feel about ourselves

The good news is that you can access your strengths and resources to move through.

Counseling for Life Transitions helps you prepare for the changes. 

You can also discover a new sense of self that may emerge as you accept the ending of one part of life and turn towards the beginning of the next.

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