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Who I am

My name is Valerio, I was born and raised in Italy, but I have spent most of my life abroad.

My interest in self-knowledge and well-being began with Yoga and meditation; this interest led me to live and spend extended periods in the Asian continent and become a yoga instructor; subsequently, I turned this interest towards Western psychology.


What moved me along this path was my passion and curiosity in understanding what lies behind our unique mechanisms: 

Why do we think, feel and act in a certain way?

What lies beyond these patterns that we perceive as our nature?

These were the questions that moved me.


I studied at ToMind, a counseling school in

Vicenza, where I graduated as a Counselor in 2020.

I'm currently registered with AiCo, which is a professional body for the education, training, accreditation, and regulation of counselor in Italy.

October 2022, I complete the training in Somatic Experience by Peter Levine, a body-oriented therapeutic model that helps heal trauma and other stress disorders.

At the moment, I am training in Internal Family System, a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy that works with inner parts and our core Self.

My long experience in meditation and Yoga also allows me to offer tools to manage daily stress.

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