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I have worked with different substances for over a decade, mainly Ayahuasca. However, it is in the Shipibo tradition and their use of Ayahuasca that I have gained the most experience.
I used to work at "The Temple of the Way of Light," a renowned healing center in the Peruvian Amazon, where I could witness the healing process of hundred of people.

Psychedelic experiences have the potential to open up different ways of being, ways of viewing others,the world and how you view yourself. 

We can also face aspects of our life we are not in touch with:
-trauma from the past 
-emotional wound 
-the shadow aspect of our personality

Integration, as a general definition, means "bringing parts together to make a whole, so in a session we can face, process, and integrate this material that arise in the psychedelic experience.

The process of integrating a psychedelic experience can vary from person to person, as each individual's experience is unique. 
Some people may have a specific "theme" for their focus, such as communication, relationships, career, or health.

As an example, during your psychedelic experience, you may have an important insight about something that needs to change in your life or a new direction you want to take.
The related integration work around this insight would be to explore the root cause of what is blocking you from what you need to do or change.
So you can begin to take decisive action toward making them a reality.

Integration can be the process of moving from where you are now, in the direction of a new, desired destination. 

Sometimes, even if nothing remarkable happens during the psychedelic experience, there can still be a noticeable difference in life before and after it, leading to a changed perspective.
Sometimes, we may feel different due to being more aware of our emotions and feelings. 
This heightened sense of awareness can sometimes be uncomfortable, as we may experience emotions and feelings that were not present before.
Sometimes we may feel the need to connect with others and the world differently; this involves letting go of our defenses, which, again, might feel uncomfortable, so we will work on integrating a new version of yourselves

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